Veridian Endeavor Stick Vacuum

Veridian Endeavor Stick Vacuum



Smaller and more nimble than full-size vacuum cleaners the Veridian Endeavor Stick Vacuum has great maneuverability and size for convenient storage. This stick vacuum quickly handles everyday messes with ease. All high-performance power and maneuverablility of a stick vacuum with the option of converting to a handheld, the Veridian Endeavor is a great choice for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Cyclonic technology provides powerful suction to remove fine dust and dirt from hard floors. This top handheld vacuum easily cleans right where you need it. Bring high-performance cleaning to hard to reach places like cars, stairs, and furniture. You'll soon love how smoothly you can navigate the Veridian Endeavor around any corner or obstacle in your path with no cord holding you back. You can clean for 20+ minutes with a powerful 22.2V lithium battery that never loses suction. The included wall mounted charging station allows easy charge and storage. With the Veridian Endeavor convenie...


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